Inspector Accreditation

IOIA offers inspector accreditation for members in 3 categories:

Crops, Livestock, and Processing.

Applicants must meet minimum criteria in the following categories:

  • Commitment to organics
  • Education
  • Work and life experience
  • Inspection experience (at least 2 years and 10 inspections)
  • Continuing education

Additional criteria are the requirement to submit a current resume and evaluation letters from all the certifiers for which they have worked, plus attending inspector training at least every 3 years. Once accredited, applicants may apply for renewal every 3 years, again meeting minimum criteria of ongoing inspector training, continuing education, a minimum amount of inspections in the category, and an updated resume.

Accreditation is currently a voluntary program.

For a complete copy of the IOIA Accreditation Program, click here.

Find Accredited Inspectors in our Online Member Directory.


There are 2 rounds of accreditation each year. Deadlines to apply are March 1 and October 1.

Accredited members receive:

  • A Certificate of Accreditation
  • A laminated wallet-sized card which displays their accredited status
  • Recognition of their status in the Member Directory and The Inspectors' Report newsletter


Accreditation Application Forms:

First Time Application  |  Renewal Form  |  Certifier Evaluation Form

Please download the appropriate form, fill it out, and then upload to your IOIA profile page using the document upload feature located there at the bottom left side of the page.

You will receive an invoice for the appropriate fees from the schedule below, after Accreditation Criteria is accepted.


Accreditation Fee Schedule:

  • Renewals: 
    • One category - $30
    • Two categories - $40
    • Three categories - $50
  • First time applicants:
    • One category - $60
    • Two categories - $70
    • Three categories – $80